In modern civilization, science and scientific development dominate. As a result, if specialization in individual industries and industrialization has become an important aspect of scientific development. It is for this reason that the question of the need for technical education arises? Yes, it is necessary to move forward and solve the problems of the modern world. In the past, education was for spiritual perfection. The main reason for education was to discipline our emotions, think and do so that they are appropriate for the appropriate type of social life. Over time, education has become more extensive in its embrace and more significant in the organization of society.

Several politicians have used education to propagate their ideologies in some regions. Some of the statements of people were taught in schools and universities. Young minds were full of certain thoughts that corresponded to their goals. But today, education is becoming more work oriented. Is this the reason why you need a technical education? Some importance of technical education are discussed below: 

Technical training makes us skilled us so that we can properly manage the mechanisms

Technical education is an expert in certain spheres of life. There are several jobs that can not be done well if they do not have technical training.

importance of technical education

This is very important for any country in the world

It is impossible to make the industry an important economic base, as we supposed, without taking measures for technical education.

It is recommended that industries create or assist in the promotion of technical education programs. But this process can not continue all the time. At one stage or another, they will have to reduce the number of people receiving education, so that there is no unemployment among technicians.

In general, it is said that technicians can never remain unemployed because they can have their own industry, but this is only true in theories. In practice, this requires a good market for the sale of finished products. It is impossible to present these two issues together with technical specialists.

According to Russell, education makes people inhumane and purely objective

They see the problem from a technical point of view, since their thinking becomes cold and calculating. There may be possible deficiencies.

and. We must fight for a wide range of points of view, integral thinking and humanity. For all this, there must be a liberal education with a technique.

It makes a person start a car, but when it hardens with liberal education, it can become more useful and useful.

Time Liberal education not only improves our attachment, but also develops thinking. It should be part of the training after the completion of the training and should not be self-education. Technical education is more practical, while education is somewhat different from teaching skills.

Therefore, a significant technical education is worthy of mention in the modern era.

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