Tally is the new cool of the commerce sector in India right now. It is a very useful tool by which you can make the economic calculations very easily. It is a great tool to manage the accounts of people for personal use as well as business use. So the usage of Tally is increasing day by day according to the growth of Technology.

What is Tally?

Tally is software which is used to do accounting works. It is a very robust enterprise resource planning software which is called ERP. Tally server 9 offers single as well as multi-user licence. It serves the purpose of accounting, inventory management, tax management, payroll etc.

Features of Tally:

Tally course is liked worldwide. The features are listed below.

  1. It is an ERP product or enterprise resource planning software which helps to plan the business development issues regarding accounts.
  2. The accounting management system in Tally is world class. You have to enter the debit and credit manually just like normal accounting but tells you will calculate and present the best sheet of account in a minute.
  3. The management system of Tally software is outstanding in nature. You can get all the billing details and also interest calculation in it. The tracking of bills is much easier here.
  4. It can be the tracker of all the employee details like attendance, leaves, provident fund, salary, payroll etc. you just have to enter their details once and it will generate every detail after that.
  5. You can generate an invoice in Tally by entering the Purchase and sales details in the invoice mode. Making invoice was never easier than this.
  6. Budgets and business scenarios can be made in this software which is really a very helpful feature of this.
  7. You can get the bank reconciliation facility in this software as you can enter the debit and credit according to your business transactions here.
  8. You can put your convenient logos in the invoices by this software.
  9. Multiple mailing can be done in Tally to ensure the best Record Keeping in business development.
  10. Investments in the stock market and the share details can be kept in Tally in its inventory management feature. Mutual Funds can also be tracked down by this.
  11. The storage details in multiple godowns can be kept in single software in which all the accounting and inventory management is done and that single software is Tally.
  12. The order processing and the Purchase details can be made in Tally.
  13. The taxation and GST returns can be calculated in this software very efficiently.


A single software can do wonder in case of accounting and Management which is named as Tally ERP 9. You can install it by just downloading the setup file and the installation procedure is very easy for the beginners. There are so many courses available in different Tally institutes in Delhi where you can learn this software thoroughly to have an upgradation to your resume.

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