Singapore is a modern, vibrant city with a unique educational system providing opportunities for students from other countries to explore over here. Globally Singapore is recognized as a “global schoolhouse” for patronizing education. A strong foundation of education was laid by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1823 based on the British education system. Singapore shines on its own for higher education pursuits. The standard of teaching and learning in this city is outstanding as well as in scientific research. Higher education has strong links with related industries. Completing a professional course, you can find a suitable job in the related industry more easily for this reason. While you Study Tourism in Singapore, you also gain practical knowledge and skill in the tourism and hospitality industry while completing your course.

Innovation and research

Singapore is one of the pioneers in higher education and research, which makes the institutions more attractive to international students and teachers. With economic and political stability, it becomes an ideal place to pursue higher education in tourism and hospitality. Singapore being the hub of Southeast Asia attracts all kinds of travelers and tourists from all over the world, is the epitome of tourism.

 Hospitality and tourism in Singapore are designed in such a way that the student will understand the customer is the king and heart of this vibrant, growing industry. Courses are outlined for both domestic and international markets. They offer you applied and practical application and understanding of theories and concepts of this industry and other basic principles of business and management.

Benefits of Tourism Industry

Tourism brings in a wide range of benefits to the country, including the cultural and economic ones. Visitors spend money while travelling and stay, which helps local businesses to grow and flourish. It creates job opportunities not only in the tourism industry but also in transport, financial, and other sectors. It brings two nations closer as the citizens interact with each other on a closer basis. They come to know each other culture, religion, and tradition on a more intimate level making both the person more tolerant and appreciative.

Another sector of the economy, such as transport has a boost from tourism as they provide transportation to reach the desired destination of the tourist. Transport related to road, railway, water, and air all get benefited. Accommodation is a very crucial part of the travel and hospitality industry. People are travelling needs decent, comfortable, and affordable accommodation to sleep, rest and unwind. Hotels are the most popular and obvious form of accommodation. Hotels with their amenities and services play a crucial part in the tourism industry.

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