Medical assisting is known to be the fastest growing career field in the country. As per the latest projection from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a projection of 23% growth in between 2014 and 2024. As the demand for the field is increasing, the competition for the best talent is also expected to heighten. One must complete post-secondary education before going for a medical assistant prospect. One of the major concerns for people when it comes to applying for this field is the financing.

Currently, there are many medical assistant scholarships that help students in pursuing their dreams if they meet up with the eligibility criteria and qualify for the aid. A number of institutes offer scholarships for medical assistants. Let’s have a look into them:

Dream Act (DACA):

The DACA scholarship is mainly designed for those who entered America as minors and want to pursue their education under the U.S. government. They come under the DREAM act of the U.S. government. These youths may come from different backgrounds and goals.

Military Scholarship:

These scholarships offered by the Allen school is for the veterans who served and were discharged honorably at any age in the U.S. forces in a range of roles.

Allied healthcare scholarship program:

The allied healthcare scholarship program California gives up to $80,000 for students who are enrolled under a medical assistant program. You must take at least six units and be eligible to work in California. The recipients may not be residing in California but should be willing to work under 12-month service commitment.

High school Presidential scholarship:

This scholarship is given by the Allen school for high-performing high school students who want to further their education. The eligibility for these courses is purely dependent on academic performance.

Alaska Medical Assistants Society (AMAS) State Scholarships:

If you’re a medical assistant pursuing your career in Alaska or is planning to do so, then this scholarship can come in handy. AMAS offers to support qualifying students with $500 to assist with tuition costs. But the mandatory criteria for this is you must be a student of either the University of Alaska – Fairbanks or University of Alaska- Anchorage. The applications are usually taken in mid-march.

Charleston Area Medical Center Foundation (CAMC):

The Charleston is medical center foundation awards educational funding to allied health students, including the medical assistants. The criteria for this is a minimum GPA of 3.0, and a comprehensive application binder that includes a personal essay, transcripts, tax forms and letters of recommendation, among other items is needed. The applications are taken in the month of May.

Health Profession Education Foundation- California

If you’re planning to pursue your medical assistant certification from an accredited California college or University, then you might consider going for a scholarship through the Health Professions Education Foundation.

The medical assistant scholarships can put your educational goals within reach by reducing or even eliminating the costs. In addition, the best part is unless you withdraw from your program, you will never have to pay back the money you receive through a scholarship.

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