A personal statement from a graduate school is meant to convince the admissions committee that a candidate is fit to follow an academic program and has something to add to the department. This can take the form of a personal statement or a statement of intent. A personal statement speaks more about you. A statement of intent (SoP) indicates your personality but also explains the factors that have influenced your career path, your professional interests and your projects.

  • The difference is that a SoP answers school questions in a concise way, but a personal statement has a narration element that makes it more appealing.

A graduate study essay is one of those forms that can present information that presents you as the ideal candidate for an academic program. Only a few faculty members in the department are available to read essays written by thousands of candidates. If possible, convince readers in a hurry that you can contribute meaningfully to their department and college. Increase the chances of admission by writing a second-cycle essay that. You can visit to https://myadmissionsessay.org/ and come up with the smartest options now.

Demonstrate your ability and motivation to succeed

Higher schools do not choose students only for education. They also see them as future ambassadors for their programs and the institution. Convince the admissions committee that you will contribute to the reputation of the college during your studies and professional practice. Provide concrete examples, including relevant class work, presentations, work experience and related publications. For example, you can describe your involvement in a service project to demonstrate your compassion, which many schools value. Describe your contribution if you have collaborated with other students on a research topic. This will show you as a team player what is a positive attribute, as you will more likely participate in such activity during graduate school, especially for a Ph.D. candidate.

academic program

Describe your specific professional interests related to the research.

If you have identified faculty members who share your interests, express your desire to work with them. It’s having a reasonable scope to describe your professional interests. Do not declare your interest in any or all of the research areas of the faculty, as committee members may feel that you are unsure of what you want and your abilities. On the other hand, they will question your ability to work with professors if the research interests are too narrow.

Articulate the reasons for the choice of career

Often, many call a graduate essay a personal statement but it’s still not an autobiography. You should write about your career as a budding scholar. Provide evidence that shows you are confident about your interests and how a higher education will help you achieve these goals.

Describe the courses, service projects, research, internships, teachers and extracurricular activities that helped define your aspirations. Avoid clich├ęs such as “I always wanted to join this career” without providing any proof. Add credibility to your essay by showing passion. For example, if you are applying for a law degree program, have you ever been part of a student government or served in a law firm? If some of the reasons for inspiration are controversial for certain sections of the community, avoid them or address them with caution. Do not offend readers with extreme religious or political rhetoric to demonstrate your understanding of the field.

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