One major cause of worry for the families who are moving overseas is provision of the right education for their kids. Most of the parents worry that the schools in their destination country might not provide same standard of teaching that has earlier been available in their country. Research is very important before moving abroad to make right decision for your whole family.

Check with Your Country

There are a lot of countries across the world, mainly those with the high proportion of the expatriates, have international schools that make use of familiar models of the education like British, American, and other systems. The Hong Kong international school normally follows curriculum of their selected model as well as teach in the native language. The growing number of the international schools follows International Baccalaureate that is accepted as the entrance for the university across the world. The international Schools generally tend to be situated in some major cities of this world, though some are situated in the green spaces and tend to provide boarding as the alternative to long journey from the home to school. Many good international schools provide a complete range of the extra-curricular activities, which broaden your kid’s education and providing the new hobbies and interests. 

Hong Kong international school admission

Make a Safe Choice

With international school choice, it is possible that you enroll your kid in local bilingual school and make sure you know Hong Kong international school admission process… The benefit of this will be your kid will develop some new language skills as well as will assimilate in the local community. The downside will be that bilingual school will probably follow the different system than the child is aware about and there are problems reintegrating back in the schools at universities or home. The international school will be the safer selection, though these generally tend to be highly expensive than the bilingual schools. Whereas a school might describe itself as the International School, it’s very important that you check out nationalities of those students on a role as a few international schools will have the student population comprising entirely of the local students. In such situations overseas students will feel isolated and not able to join with rest of their school community.

Careful and Right Planning

Before you enroll your kid in the school abroad, you need to make the visit to school and decide if school provides best education for your kid. You need to take your kid with you on every visit so that they get the feel for that school. There are some international schools that are selective and others might have the long waiting lists, so you need to make the right choice.

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