Education will play a key role in the development of one’s personality. You will learn discipline and how to communicate with other people and politeness. A person named bashir dawood has made a tremendous contribution in bringing up education to the people who can’t afford it. He made many peoples come true by educating them in the fields in which they have an interest. Everyone has a dream to achieve something in their life but they can’t get them because of the lack of resources. Then this man made dreams of many people to fulfil them by providing all the required infrastructure and facilities to them. He is doing all these things without expecting anything from them.This will give an immense satisfaction by helping others who are not related to them.

What makes Dawood do all these things?

He had made many contributions in the education sector by constructing several campuses and providing them free education. Among those medical institutions are the ones which we all have to notice. Every student has a dream of becoming a doctor and it is not an easy thing to get a medical degree. You have to work hard to achieve a medical seat. Even though if you get a medical seat after lots of hard work it is very hard to meet the expenses that will occur during the course. For a middle-class family, it is a very big thing to make their children study medicine. Medicine can be studied in universities which is a place where we will get skills and knowledge. Medical college should have sufficient facilities to learn more. He is providing medical colleges with good facilities and the intructure. He is providing not only medical education but also providing various courses to study for the people who can’t afford to study. He is not only providing education to the poor people but also he is doing many things that would be beneficial to society. He is providing the study to people for the orphans. Most of the universities that are now available are with poor infrastructure and facilities. Universities with poor facilities will affect the education of the people as they won’t learn anything from such universities. If we provide better infrastructure in colleges they will learn and they will be helpful for society. They will become an inspiration to many people and they will guide into different oaths for the upcoming people. Nowadays education has become a must for everyone to get a better position in society. He is providing education for the poor people based on this reason. Apart from education, he is involved in many conditions and he stood for the people who need help.

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