A literate is a person that can read, write, type and understand learned letters and sentences. They are able to compose and able to correct what they read or write as necessary. 30 years ago typing wasn’t included in the definition for the reason that typing (with a keyboard) wasn’t a thing, but now that people even kids are more technologically exposed, it was only proper that they should learn the skill of typing. There are many things that kids can learn thru typing and that is reading, writing, and composition.

But what most people don’t know is that typing also has some benefits that aren’t common. Typing is an essential skill and through that, kids can learn a lot of things as well that is mostly unnoticed even to you. The benefits that will be discussed might be small, but they are good benefits that will matter especially in the long run. There are a lot of things that kids can learn just by learning how to type. Below you will find even just a few of it.

To prosper bonding: Typing is not a team game. It’s an individual learning that kids can do on their own, but if you’re there to guide them, teach them things along the way it can be the bridge that can help you get closer to your kid. While bonding time doesn’t directly attribute to skill, it does teach kids the importance of family and if you’re a busy person this is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your kid. As parents you owe a time for your kid and typing lessons is one of those time.

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Learning is supervised: As Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) said in meet the parents (a kid’s brain is like a sponge.). And its true, too spongy for their sake since they absorb the good and the bad all at the same time. This is why having a supervised learning is essential. If you think about it, typing games are played online and its easy to be misdirected and go to some random sites that might not be suitable for children, so parental supervision is still advised.

The child will cooperate: If you force your kid to learn, they won’t make it easier for you. They will give you a hard time and they won’t learn. This is because at their age they are already selective with what they are learning. If it’s not fun, they don’t want to learn it. They are stubborn, they are self-centered and they will let you feel their full tantrums if you force them to learn but if you’re making them see that its basically just a game they will even get upset if you will take it away from them.

Typing skills are very essential in this day and age since its very useful and practical. The main goal of typing is for kids to develop good typing habits. What most people don’t know is that those benefits are just a scratch on the surface. There are a ton of benefits that a kid can get thru typing like the ones mentioned above. If you want some good typing games for your kids, visit kidstyping.org.

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