With the help of the project report, we describe conducted experiments or projects. The ability to correctly give information is valuable because project report is included in the program of international examinations and is an integral part of scientific and business life.

Peculiarities of the project report

What do you need to write in the project report? All information in the report should be based only on the description and analysis of real events. Reports can suggest recommendations for the future and forecasts, but both should have some basis. The report is only factual data, and not an essay on a free topic.

Topics for project reports. If the essay is based on general theoretical questions, then this type of written work, as a report, is a description of the experiments, interviews.

Structure of the report. The report should be clearly structured: it is divided into certain parts, each of which has a heading. In educational institutions and large companies, project reports are prepared with bulleted lists, tables, illustrations, diagrams. All this is welcomed and can be used in reports.

A form of presentation. If an essay is a purely written work that does not require an oral presentation, then the reports are often presented to the audience verbally.

Appeal to the reader. The report can be written both from the first and from the third person, it depends on the context and the target audience. Usually, it is written by a third party to create the impression of independence of the results. One should use simple grammar, which at the same time helps express an objective opinion: passive voice, impersonal constructions, etc.

Simplicity and brevity. When writing a report in English it is necessary to remember that all information should be stated simply and clearly. Make sure you know the exact meaning of each word. Use common words and phrases. Watch out for the size of sentences: they should not be too complicated, with a huge amount of speech and explanations. Be sure to use the linking words in the project report.

Project report structure

The secret of successful writing of a good report is to work on the plan. Project report has its own standard structure, which should be followed. So, in any report there should be 5 elements:

Introduction (introduction). In this section, you need to briefly describe the subject of the report, give reasons why you describe exactly this issue and do a short survey of other studies on the topic. An introduction is a presentation of the goal and the subject. There should be a short but concise summary that will capture the reader’s interest and make him or her concentrate on the main idea.

Methods. Answer the following questions: “How was the research conducted?”, “What tools and techniques were used?”.

Results. Here it is necessary to describe what you found out as a result of the research and write how much the results are accurate.

Discussion – discussion of the main points, comments on the effectiveness of the study. Language should also be restrained and persuasive.

Conclusions. The last part is a summary of the results and possibility for subsequent research on the topic.

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