Most of the politicians, celebrities, and other well-known people in society go out with their bodyguards. Well, it is easy to call them in that name, but mostly they are personal protection security guards who put their lives before their own. Often, these people are misunderstood about their skills and talents. They are not chosen as by their appearance, but they also go through separate processes that involve rigorous training to prove their capabilities. To do so, many firms have already been providing the services of security protection. Apart from them, Pacific West Academy or focuses on providing training to those people who have the interest and passion in the protection field. Normally, these require many skills which might not be the case of every person. The individual must be mentally strong and physically fit with other characteristics of understanding people and open to social responsibilities. A lot more goes into being the security guards. Yet, to become one, they undergo several sacrifices also. To ensure that the process goes on smoothly, the academy proposes all the courses according to the current need for the job.

What courses are offered?

The Executive Protection Training is basically a high-level training module that focuses on protecting the VIPs, Politicians, Celebrities, and many others. This program is attended by the people and it is required to get the certificate to be a professional from The certificate will land many jobs for the people. The training consists of two parts;

  • 12-day comprehensive Security Training: This is given to those new entry people who might now have any knowledge about this job but are extremely interested in this. They will be taught about all the fundamental practices done and it comprises only of the entry-level candidates. They are given a step-by-step explanation of the process to develop confidence so that they can understand all the concepts.
  • 33-day Certified Executive Security Specialist: These are for the people who want to enter the private security industry. This program will enable them to land in various opportunities varying in all the fields.

At the end of each training, the people who attended will be given the certificate which will be extremely useful to start their career. The academy also takes the responsibility of placing the attendees with the job opportunities. This will not only assist them to settle in their life with a safe job but also improves the efficiency of the academy as a whole. Any person can enroll in the course by visiting the website. It is open all times in the year as there are continuous needs for people in the security protection field. There are also very positive reviews for the training and the instructors who are instrumental in shaping up the career of the people.

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