Large and complex data are difficult to use to communicate concepts with ease. Merging them into images for convenience and speed will be a lot of help. This is where data visualization comes in. It will help you identify areas that need urgent attention or improvement. You will be able to address complex problems at once. One of the most common data visualization is the use of graphs, charts, or other visual formats. A great data visualization tells the audience a story in a language that they understand. It must make the needed connections between data and real life. These include emotional, social, and cultural.

Data is a necessity for all organizations. Data visualization tools are important to help them understand data. This enables them to come up with better business decisions. Most people can process visual information faster and much better than textual information. Presentations with visual aids can be more persuasive. Data visualization is an easy and affordable process. You do not have to hire any experts to create data visuals. Data visualization enhances the experience of the audience by conveying the correct information. Graphs and charts should be concise and easy to understand. There are several ways to improve your data visualization process.

The lesser, the better

Sometimes, less is more. This is true when it comes to data visualization. Too many colors, jargon, pie charts, and metrics will be difficult to digest. Make sure you focus on important information. Using so many colors for your charts and graphs is not a good idea. Instead, you should use a specific set of colors to convey a clear purpose and meaning. The tone of your visuals should be as natural as possible for easier interpretation. Remove metrics that are not very important. Make sure you only include those that bring value to your report and create less fuss.

Make use of conditional formatting

You do not need fancy tools or designs for data visualization. The standard excel table is excellent when you explore the things you could do with it. Conditional formatting is very useful for those working with data. Highlighting the data you need is easier, enabling you to track only the main information. You can use conditional formatting for various things. Spotting duplicate data in a table is difficult. But not anymore. You only need to set bounds for the data using the built-in conditional formatting. It will format the cells and highlight the data you want.

Trendlines can unearth patterns for prediction

Trendlines are another great feature you should make use of as much as possible. They observe the relationship between two variables from your existing data. You will find them helpful when predicting future values. They are simple to add and they can help discover trends in the given data set. You can also let it show data trends or moving averages in your charts. There are a lot of trendlines you can use depending on the kind of data you are working with. Trendlines can help you get answers to questions that can improve your organization. Trendlines often use statistical models to make predictions. You can even control how trendlines look and behave.

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Filter to be more specific

Filtering the information will help you show only those that you need. It is normal for organizations to have huge amounts of data. Finding out which employees are consistent performers is now easier. You do not need to create a visualization with all the employees and their performances. You can let it show only the employees who perform well by filtering it down. You can also find out which day the sales went up or down by using the filtering rule. It makes it easy for you to look at results for the past week or month depending on your preference.

Hierarchy removes the need for extra visualizations

There are times when you come across complex and dense data representation. By adding hierarchies, you can view data from a high level and dig deeper. It can also help club information in one visualization. A hierarchy can show the total sales achieved by different sales representatives. You can even make it show their sales within the past month. You can also break this down further by choosing a particular sales representative. Or you can select a specific product assigned to that person. This lets you cut down on a lot of extra work.

There are a lot of data visualization tools available in the market. There are also so many Data Visualization Course Singapore that you can try. Books are the best when you want to learn more about the theory. Blogs are what you should check out if you want trends, news, resources, and opinions. Practice data visualization using tools to master skills.

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