A Junior College-level exam is not easy to crack especially when it comes to a subject like physics, which is regarded as one of the difficult subjects. It is very important to pass this exam as it determines whether you would be able to go to University or not. And even if you crack it anyhow, it is going to decide whether you would be able to have a degree in the field that you want or not. Many times, teachers just do not teach well in schools, and that’s why you need tuition to clear your basics along with advanced concepts. If you need a jc physics tuition singapore then go ahead.

Types Of Tuition Services

  1. Offline Lectures: It is one of the oldest ways yet the best way to study when someone gives you face to face lectures. You can clear your doubts at the same time when you are having them. You will be studying with other students too where you can interact with them.
  2. Online Lectures: You can also go online and study on your tablet or laptop. You can either have recorded lectures or live classes but online. The best part about online lectures is that it saves your time and is convenient as compared to offline lectures. But you won’t be interacting with other students and teachers in person.
  3. Personal Tutor: A personal tutor comes to your home and teaches you personally. It is a bit costly as compared to the above two. But the best thing is that you are going to get personal attention to everything. They are going to guide you through each ever step. They can help you with private lectures.

As physics is regarded as one of the most difficult JC level exams, a student must have coaching classes to get enhance their skills. The concepts, diagrams, derivations, and formulae are not as easy as it seems.


A Physics exam is difficult to crack especially when it comes to a JC level exam. It is very important to pass as one gets to go to University based on the exam only. And if your basics are not clear, you need to have good tuition for that. But what kind of tuitions classes are there in the market? And what are the benefits of it? You will get the answer in the above article. Just go through it.

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