Nothing has defined humanity better than music, since time immemorial melodious hymns, songs, and tunes have been played on a variety of different occasions, speaking to the vast and diverse usability of music, in itself an immortal art that has endured through generations and centuries, music is a gift that not all know how to create, with various styles that range from classical to jazz to rock to rap, music is an industry that signifies and does well to represent the truly vast nature of the human race carrying with it the flavors of joy and happiness with a hint of skill and class, join us today as we aim to further the mission of this magical art, list the types of music that have been and are popular today and music school Singapore.

The immortal art 

The first-ever rendition or form of music was played in 40,000 B.C as evidence of a flute made out of a bone emerged. While we may not be making melodies on such grisly trophies anymore, we continue to make music in a variety of ways, influenced by regional culture, ethnic flavors, and indigenous twists since its evolution; the following are the most popular forms of music today –

–         Pop- A most modern rendition of the beautiful art of music, pop combines elements of modern culture and trends in music originating from the streets.

–         R&B – Rock And Blues is a giant of the music industry, with many popular practitioners and famous names like the Weeknd heralding the industry from the front.

–         Rock – Metal or Rock is more hardcore per se, and rock comes as a treat for all the fans of music that creates an overall experience and transcends the boundary of music.

–         Classical –  A subtle form of music for the small yet tasteful crowd, classical has been a form of music that has defined the renaissance of music and has in many ways shaped the world of today.

Music schools 

If you are based out of Singapore, there are several music school Singapore that offer a vast and amazing variety of musical courses that work towards equipping you with the skills to become a part of this prestigious field.

Music has been a defining art, an art that has continued to define centuries and generations past. To join this history and add your contribution to it, register to a music school today.

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