As we have been recovering from the drastic Covid-19 wave, you might consider staying at home and getting productive. How about starting an art workshop wherein you can teach students art in various forms. However, without going out, it might seem weird to teach students, right? Well, not anymore! In this internet generation, we have online platforms that will help you host your art workshop Singapore. However, if you are dealing with this for the first time, you surely need the best tips to get started. So, in this article, we have made a list of some things that will help you right away!

The best tips to start with your art workshop online

Before starting with an art workshop online, here are some tips that you cannot miss out on. Are you curious about the details? Let’s get started already!

  • Get familiar with the online platform: Before you start teaching online, you need to get familiar with the platform. Test it with some other people before you give classes. Is the audio working fine? Is the quality of the picture well defined? Is your internet connection strong and secure to sustain an online session? However, it is important to consider the environmental factors, especially if you are filming in an outdoor space.
  • The pricing for your workshop: As you decide to host an art workshop online, you will consider how you could price it, right? So, while deciding on the price, you need to consider everything included in the workshop and the value for your time, efforts, and creativity. Also, make sure you do not undervalue yourself. Chalk out the base price and then finalize the price based on the affordability of people.
  • How to find the right client base? As you start promoting your workshop, you need to reach out to people already familiar with you and your art. Further, through them, you can make new connections and go ahead. However, it is a good idea always to start small and then expand as time passes by.

Well, these few tips will give you an idea of how to host an art workshop online. You can also send out newsletters or promote on social media to attract more people to your online session. Also, always give a link that gives more information about your online sessions. The more informative and creative you can get, the more audience you will attract.

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