Most of the people will argue with many people as without education the world would still be in the dark ages, because nowadays education is the most important factor. Education is generally seen like the catalyst for some kind of development in any society. The argument about this factor naturally fails in order to realize that the person who is having the advanced the world was the person who are really refused to conform as the educational dictates. These individuals have been thought outside the box of conformity like presented by some formal education. Actually education can be classified into many forms, in that the formal education is the most important type and this is used widely. This is mainly because; the formal education removes or reduces the creative ability of the person. The simply teaches the person about how you needs to believe and accept something like the fact except someone who really dares to think few things outside the box will proves the fact. For any person who really wishes to excel in their life, the one should put aside this formal education and reach out few things into the deep reserve of creative ability inside the person.

Through the education, accumulated knowledge, values, or just the skills are deliberately passed on to some other individual. Basically, education is the process which is mainly designed to have the formative effect in the individual from tender age. The child is being thought from the tender age some societal values which are preserved and passed from generation to generation. We all are being thought in schools, about the gravitational force and earth being spherical shape. Based upon the career choice of person, there are many educations curriculums which are mainly designed to impact some knowledge towards achieving the career goals. The person is said to be educated in formal manner successfully on completing the curriculum and finally passing in the examination. Whatever may be the education system, everyone should be educated in one manner so that they can survive in their world happily. Because, education for people is must.


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